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With an array of curing temperatures and application methods (jetting, screen printing, dispensing) electrically conductive adhesives offer flexibility to a production line and a wider scope for electronic assembly. LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 2151 is a thixotropic, two-part adhesive that develops strong, durable high-impact bonds at room temperature, improving heat transfer while maintaining electrical insulation. LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 59C adhesive is designed for applications used at high temperatures which require electrical conductivity and do not need a high bond strength. Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives from Loctite® The anisotropic conductive adhesives Loctite® 3441 and 3446 conduct electrical current only in the Z-axis while remaining insulators in the X-Y-plane. By clicking ‘Accept’, you read our Privacy Policy and consent to our terms, including the use of cookies. There are a number of reasons electrically conductive adhesives might be a more suitable alternative to other methods of bonding and adhesion. A uniform bondline thickness of 0.127 mm results from the incorporation of solid glass spheres. For more information on Henkel’s electrically conductive adhesives, download the PDFs here. Lead-free solder alternatives for active and passive component attachment. $150.20 As low as: $120.16. Please fill out the form below and we'll respond shortly. Shop the Loctite Ablestik range from Ellsworth Adhesives now. The size listed is the combined total of the two parts. Henkel’s two-component electrically conductive adhesives require no refrigeration or freezer storage and include products that provide high peel and tensile lap shear strength over a broad temperature range. Using an electrically conductive solder paste alternative in this way helps to protect sensitive electronic components without compromising the functionality of the electronic parts. Thermally Conductive Adhesives must ensure excellent heat dissipation, electrical isolation, fast assembly and a reliable bond. This allows manufacturers to find the electrically conductive solution that best suits their applications and requirements. Add to Cart. Using an electrically conductive epoxy or electrically conductive paste as an alternate to solder offers a number of benefits including lower costs, improved performance, and faster production times. Ellsworth Adhesives Glue Doctors include our Engineering Sales Representatives. In both cases, conductive glues, adhesives, and epoxies offer viable lead-free solder alternatives for active and passive component attachment across a range of applications. Additionally, Henkel’s chemical technologies ensure easy application in any setting—whether that’s using snap cure, heat cure, room-temperature cure, or dual component conductive adhesives. LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI529HT-LV ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE EC1409173. add to cart. $19.55. 2.5 g Packet. Skip to primary navigation $3,176.24. This also includes silver-filled epoxies recommended for electronic bonding and sealing applications that comply with the requirements of NASA’s outgassing specification. ... loctite 3888 electrically conductive silver adhesive 2.5 qt kit. Solder reflow temperatures may hinder temperature sensitive componentry usage. This means that care must be taken to choose a cure schedule that won’t compromise sensitive electronic components. 99 Save 5% when you buy $500.00 of select items loctite ablestik 2902 electrically conductive epoxy silver paste 2.65 gm Double click on above image to view full picture Loctite Ablestik 2902, formally known as TRA-DUCT 2902, is designed for sealing applications and electronic bonding that requires a combination of good mechanical and electrical … Loctite 3888 is an electrically-conductive epoxy adhesive intended to bond rubbers, metals, ceramics, and plastics as used in electronic fragments, where strong adhesion shared with electrical and thermal conductivity is essential. Accept, Henkel Loctite 3888 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Adhesive 2.5 g Packet. new portfolio of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) with unique properties to address harsh environmental conditions. The Loctite thermally conductive adhesive kit is a bonding kit perfect for the thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components, or between any surface where thermal conductivity or heat dissipation is vital. LOCTITE® ABLESTIK ABP 8065T highly filled, conductive die-attach adhesive is designed for bonding mini dies in high reliability package applications. Henkel’s electrically conductive adhesives are ideal for use in electrical interconnect, thermal, and structural bonding applications for improved reliability in electronic systems. Products include Henkel Loctite's 383, Output 384 & 315, and Ablestik 285 Thermally Conductive Adhesives. They are highly flexible and can be used for all applications requiring a high reliability. Loctite Thermally Conductive Adhesive Kit. a room temperature cure epoxy adhesive designed for bonding of metals LOCTITE ABLESTIK CA 3556HF Acrylate electrically conductive adhesive • One component • Fast, low-temperature cure • -3Excellent flexibility • Good adhesion • Low contact resistance 2.5 × 10 -30 95 278 650 2 min. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The main benefits of LOCTITE® ECCOBOND snap cure conductive adhesives are: Electrically conductive adhesives cured using heat are required for a number of manufacturing challenges such as die to substrate bonding, passive component attachment, and the bonding of heat-sensitive components across a range of applications. It can be used in its cured or uncured state. The Loctite Ablestik ICP 4000 series of ECAs withstand operating temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius and deliver the flexibility required to cope with significant vibration. Learn more about our electrically conductive glues, adhesives, and epoxies below and discover how Henkel can advance your automotive, medical, telecom, and consumer devices through better materials designed to meet today’s challenges. Manufacturers in the automotive industry often use an electrically conductive adhesive as a connecting solution for precision assembly  including ADAS radars, LiDARs, and cameras. 2.5 g Packet. henkel loctite ablestik 285 thermal conductive adhesive black 2 lb spec - rbo120-090. Henkel Loctite 383 is a thermally conductive adhesive system designed for bonding heat generating components including transformers and transistors to printed circuit boards or heat sinks. Loctite 315 is a self-shimming thermally conductive, one-part adhesive for bonding electrical components to heat sinks with an insulating gap. ECAs can be used in applications which involve high reliability or temperature sensitive components. It is formulated to provide high heat transfer generated by power devices. Industry-leading LOCTITE ABLESTIK die attach adhesives are highly-conductive, metal-filled adhesives with excellent electrical conductivity, dispensability and high reliability performance designed to meet the requirements of today's challenging, high-density die architectures. For this reason, electrically conductive adhesives have multiple applications in electronic assembly, no more so than ADAS sensors (Radar, LiDAR, Camera, ADAS data modules and ECUs). Electrically conductive silicone adhesives are often used in the automotive industry as a connective interconnect for ADAS cameras and radars as well as LiDARs. Thermally Conductive Adhesive Electrically Insulating Epoxy Fast Cure Heat Sink Staking, Thermo-Bond 56, 50gm kit(s) $39.99 $ 39 . Our electrically conductive silicone adhesives are specially designed for applications where both high flexibility and excellent conductivity are required. Two-part epoxies comprise of a resin and a hardener. This is achieved by carefully controlling the level of electrically conductive filler in the matrix. It cures when exposed to UV/Visible light. It has a volume resistance of 5.2×10^11, a surface resistance of 8.6×10^13, and a dielectric constant/dissipation factor of 14.92/0.05 at 100 Hz. Additionally, conductive fillers offer excellent EMI shielding properties. $96.87. Electrically conductive adhesives are essential tools in a number of industries. In this digital era, with our extensive use of electronic devices, the requirement for electrically conductive adhesives has risen significantly. Combine this property with flexible resin bases and Henkel offers a wide range of solutions in application where EMI shielding is of upmost importance. For instance, a patent relating to an electrically conductive adhesive for electromechanical applications was registered in 1926 [].Hans Schuhmann in 1933, described a conducting varnish which consisted of a mixture of 50% oil varnish, 40% lithopone and … As our adhesives are used in a range of applications across a variety of industries, we’ve created a robust portfolio of products that offer specific benefits and advantages. Our portfolio includes modified epoxy or silicon-based alternatives to counter high CTE mismatch, flexible substrates, or gasketing. add to cart. For applications with large coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatches between substrates, or fine-pitch flip-chip interconnections where electrical conductivity is desired in only one direction, Henkel has an electrically conductive adhesive to meet the challenge and ensure increased efficiency and reliability. They can also be used in electronic assembly in a wide range of industries such as medical, telecom, and aerospace . The heat produced by soldering can cause problems during the manufacture of precision electronic products. Henkel’s LOCTITE® range of conductive adhesive for electronics offer strong component and PCB interconnections for on-demand, long-term, and reliable performance. Electrically conductive adhesives and electrically conductive pastes don’t need to be heated to the same high temperatures as solder. ELECTRODAG 5915 E&C, Epoxy, Conductive Ink LOCTITE® EDAG 5915 E&C epoxy adhesive is designed for bonding surface mount devices to flexible or rigid printed circuits. Information provided by Loctite® Vendors: A Henkel szerkezeti ragasztó termékei LOCTITE ® és TEROSON ® márkanévvel kaphatók. Epoxies are also commonly used when the components being bonded are sensitive to heat, and so are unsuitable for soldering. It is silver filled, electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and solventless. Our broad portfolio of electrically conductive pastes is formulated using a variety of base chemistries including acrylate, epoxy, and silicone platforms, each of which is designed to provide manufacturers with choice and flexibility for varying requirements. Electrically conductive adhesives are primarily used for electronics assembly. henkel loctite ablestik 285 thermal conductive adhesive black 2 lb can. Henkel offers electrically conductive adhesives which offer more mechanical flexibility. Permatex 09117 Complete Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit, Single Unit 4.0 out of 5 stars 636. LOCTITE ABLESTIK 59C can be used with a variety of catalysts. Electrically Conductive Adhesives by Henkel Loctite - Buy Now We offer a range of high technology, electrically conductive adhesives by Henkel Loctite. Conductive Adhesives for Electronics An alternative to solder, these flexible, silver-filled adhesives accommodate joint movement. The Henkel portfolio includes products from such trusted brands as LOCTITE® ECCOBOND and LOCTITE® ABLESTIK, with varying cure speeds, viscosity, and pot life to provide versatility and easy application in any environment. These solutions can be used as an alternative to solder. Henkel Loctite 3873 is a self-shimming, thermally conductive adhesive. Our electrically conductive adhesive products also cure at room temperature and can be used for bonding and sealing applications for heat-sensitive devices that require superior electrical and mechanical properties, with no heating equipment required. These advanced conductive adhesives provide excellent adherence to a range of surfaces where other types of glue or epoxy are unsuitable. The long-standing experience and extensive know-how of Loctite® in the electronics industry have lead to a broad range of Thermally Conductive Adhesives, designed to 25 mL Kit. Especially because ECAs don’t require the cleaning of fluxes and flux residues like solder pastes do. LOCTITE DSP 3803, Acrylic, Display material, Optical lamination, Single Component, UV Curable Adhesive LOCTITE® DSP 3803 is a single component UV curable adhesive, specifically designed for PSA lamination process. LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI516IE electrically conductive adhesive is designed for die attach applications. Thermally Conductive Adhesive Electrically Insulating Epoxy Fast Cure Heat Sink Staking, Thermo-Bond 56, 50gm kit(s) $39.99 $ 39 . Electrically conductive adhesives are used extensively to create precision applications, parts, and components for the aerospace, automotive, medical, telecom and consumer devices. ECCOBOND XCE3104XL 2OZ JAR EC1189150. Henkel’s LOCTITE® ECCOBOND line of snap curable conductive adhesives provide excellent adhesion and reliability, cure times of less than two minutes, and in-line processing capability for exceptionally high throughput. Typical applications include solder replacement, repair/rework of interconnections, and bonding of heat sensitive components where solder temperatures are\ impractical. Electrically conductive adhesives are mainly compared with solder pastes but the clear advantage, apart from pricing, is that they can be used in niche markets. Use them to bond electrical components and repair circuits. Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) are used for high-reliability applications such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and telecom products. Loctite’s anisotropic conductive adhe- These high-performance adhesives are often used as an alternative to solder in applications where the components being bonded are temperature sensitive. ... Add to Cart. LOCTITE ABLESTIK 2151 bonds offer resistance to salts, mild acids … Add to Cart. Inventions relating to various mixtures of conductive and non-conductive materials were made in the beginning of the last century. Henkel Loctite 402 Adhesive Silver is a two component, room temperature curing, epoxy paste that is used for sealing and bonding electronic components, heat sensitive materials, plastic laminates, metals, and ceramics. $13.03. Repairs to your favorite pair of shoes are easy with the right Loctite® adhesive. Each type of electrically conductive adhesive has its own range of benefits. Part Number: 90-001091; Manufacturer SKU: 2025868 Industry-leading LOCTITE® ABLESTIK die attach adhesives are highly conductive, metal-filled adhesives with excellent electrical conductivity, dispensability, and high-reliability performance designed to meet the requirements of today's challenging, high-density die architectures. Ensuring strong bonds, superior conductivity, and efficient thermal dissipation, each of our electrically conductive pastes and epoxies delivers best-in-class performance to enhance any assembly or application. When used with Activator 7387, it cures rapidly to form a high strength, high modulus, thermoset acrylic polymer. Henkel Loctite Speedbonder 324 Structural Adhesive Yellow 50 mL Bottle, Henkel Loctite Speedbonder 326 Structural Adhesive 50 mL Bottle, Henkel Loctite 3301 Light Cure Adhesive Clear 25 mL Syringe, Henkel Loctite 3311 Light Cure Adhesive Clear 25 mL Syringe, Henkel Loctite 3412 Acrylic Adhesive Pale Yellow 50 mL Cartridge. Permatex 21351 Electrically Conductive Rear Window Defogger Tab Adhesive, Single Unit 3.8 out of 5 stars 1,569. Ellsworth sells Thermally Conductive Adhesives. W129 N10825 Washington Drive Germantown, WI 53022, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience. loctite 262 high strength threadlocker acrylic red 50 ml bottle . Repairing a broken corner on concrete steps Holes, pop-outs and larger cracks, can be repaired using Loctite® Metal and Concrete … Electrically Conductive Ellsworth Adhesives Europe supplies electrically conductive adhesives from Henkel Loctite. henkel loctite ablestik 285 thermal conductive adhesive black 2 lb spec - rbo120-090 Alternatively, contact us today for more TDS and SDS sheets or to ask any questions. Henkel Electronic Material Solutions For Radar, Guidance System, and Aviation Industries, High Reliability Materials for Medical Electronics Devices, Whitepaper: Electrically Conductive Adhesives as Cell Interconnection Material in Shingled Module Technology, We couldn't find any location that matches, Check your spelling or browse our list of available locations, Explore Our Electrically Conductive Adhesives, ‎Česká republika, ‎Čeština (‎Czech Republic), In-line processing capability for exceptionally high throughput, Suitable for applications with large coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatches between substrates, Suitable for fine-pitch flip chip interconnections where electrical conductivity is desired in only one direction, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Henkel Loctite 3888 is a room temperature cure epoxy adhesive designed for bonding of metals, ceramics, rubbers and plastics as used in electronic parts, where good adhesion combined with electrical and thermal conductivity is required. Lower curing temperatures of ECAs will protect sensitive electronic components without compromising the functionality of the electronic assembly. LOCTITE ABLESTIK 2151 BIPAX TRA-BOND BPX ADHESIVE 3GM KIT SPEC # P8266396 REV. LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI516IE snap cure adhesive is designed for high throughput bonding applications. Henkel’s electrically conductive LOCTITE® adhesives offer strong component and PCB interconnections for on-demand, long-term, and reliable performance. Electrically conductive adhesives can be used for low temperature substrates and low temperature profile processes. However, Henkel also offers ECAs that are non-noble metal compatible which are ideal for handheld consumer devices. Used to bond aerospace, automotive, medical, and telecoms electronic assemblies, they offer a high-performance alternative to solder. Two of the most common uses of electrically conductive silicone adhesives are for EMI/RFI shielding and for antistatic systems. These adhesives are ideal for electrical interconnect but also for thermal and structural bonding applications, offering improved reliability in electronic systems. Electrically conductive adhesive can be based on several different chemistries: Electrically conductive silicone adhesive – these can be graphite filled and are often used for EMI/RFI shielding or for antistatic systems. When filled with silver, both one and two-part epoxies are effective substitutes for solder. LOCTITE 3888 ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE SILVER ADHESIVE 2.5 QT KIT. Part Number: 21086; Manufacturer SKU: 237043 $3,176.24. These adhesives are well-suited to the process as they offer high-reliability and excellent performance. Electrically conductive epoxies come as either one or two-part adhesives. It’s also recommended for use in mounting small components to a variety of interconnect substrates. Choose a Henkel electrically conductive adhesive and your applications benefit from strong adhesion, superior conductivity, and excellent thermal dissipation. Given the cure temperature of an ECA is far below that of relfow temperatures, this opens the door to sensitive componentry, less energy usage, and flexibility of processing. For full functionality of our site, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Electrically conductive epoxies are ideal for use in processes where the risk of mechanical and thermal cracking is high. LOCTITE DSP 3803 is a medium viscosity yet high performance adhesive. The high thermal conductivity provides excellent heat dissipation for thermally sensitive components, while the … Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Given the flexibility needs relating to processibility and application, these adhesives contribute to ADAS, an increasingly important tool in road safety. Loctite TIGA 920-H M2025870. 99 Save 5% when you buy $500.00 of select items For manufacturers that require both faultless electrical performance and thermal dissipation functionality, Henkel’s electrically conductive adhesives are the most dependable adhesives on the market, delivering proven reliability and easy integration within a range of industrial processes that can be designed to fit around your specific application or environment. Add to Cart. Loctite 383 thermally conductive adhesive has quite a few electrical properties that many would find extremely useful. Manufacturers often choose electrically conductive epoxy adhesives to connect components in automotive radar and camera systems. This means they are suitable for use as an alternative to solder. $49.15 As low as: $39.32. Manufacturers can choose from a range of resin bases, and cure temperatures to find the product that is suitable for the application. One-part epoxies are normally heat cured.

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