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I’ve added comments to explain what’s going on. Active today. Vue Lazyload - lazyloading images Vue-Lazyload A plugin to easy load images in your Vue apps, which is lightweight, works with any image type, you can add a loading class while the image is loading, and support for Vue 2.0 as well. By providing a width and a height, the component can calculate the aspect ratio and reserve the space that the image will take up. There are plenty of other Lazy Loaders out there, but they are all directive-based. The reason why I’m still writing this article is, that I wanted a more lightweight solution. Instead of loading the full blown high quality image, you can load first a small blurry picture and then the bigger one. 11 May 2018. lazyloading Progressive Image Component Used for lazy loading images. Options contain. You can configure which events you want vue-lazyload by passing in an array Additionally, the lazy loading component handles maintaining the correct aspect ratio while a placeholder rectangle is shown. The custom solution only adds about 5 kb (overall bundle size: 92 kB). of listener names. 07 vue-lazy-background-images - Lazy load background images for Vue 2. Tạo một component ImageItem. Summary. 06 vue-tiny-lazyload-img - A small size Vue.js v.2+ directive for lazy loading images. Follow me to get my latest Vue.js articles. Keep in mind, though, that by using this technique you have to load two images instead of one, you should absolutely test if this has a beneficial effect overall. If a few kilobytes are not a great concern for you and if you’re not interested in how to actually build a lazy loading component, you can stop reading and just use Vue-Lazyload, it’s a great plugin. Subscribe to Vue.js Examples. The only difference is that you have to prefix the src and srcset properties with the lazy- keyword, if you want to make use of lazy loading that is, otherwise you can use the regular src and srcset properties. vue-lazyload documentation, tutorials, reviews, alternatives, versions, dependencies, community, and more Well, if an image is at the top of the page, it’s likely to be visible from the start. After installing the lozad package, we can start building our custom Vue.js lazy loading image component. ImageItem.vue. Development, JavaScript, Optimization, Vue.js. vm.$Lazyload.$off(event, callback) Vue 3 - Lazy load Image Component. Vue Lazyload (opens new window) is a Vue.js plugin for lazyloading image or component. A quick and easy alternative for implementing lazy loading of images is to let a JS … But what if we could also apply this approach to Vue.js components? One possible approach would be to use custom directives to handle lazy loading on regular tags. For those still not convinced if it is worth playing with, I prepared some raw numbers. Vue Visual. 16 April 2018. # Steps Create a Nuxt project and install Vue Lazyload. If you want to take a look at the result of our work, you can look at a demo hosted on Netlify and you can check out the code on GitHub. Lazy load image using the Intersection Observer API is not supported on all browsers. Let’s start by creating a component that will show an image (but with no lazy loading involved just yet). But in order to load the image in the background and have it displayed only after it is fully loaded, we need to use a bit of Javascript in the