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The u/pbrosUCLA2024 community on Reddit. At UCLA we're looking for more than straight-A students. It was incompetent, selfish, and inconsiderate for UCLA to send the Alumni Scholarship invitation and other scholarship information to applicants who were rejected just a few short weeks later. I have always tried to be a good dad to Augie but I was still a kid when he was born. Hot. As a UCLA alum, it was hard to see his disappointment but he will be okay. And your rich experience brings the type of perspective and leadership we value at UCLA. 4.68 W. GPA Amaya comes off as a utility guy during a quick glance because of a lack of BP power and physical … We are no longer a fan of this school. … I did not apply ED. That extra work along with the fact most of these kids are taking 5 AP classes their senior year… very unfair and unnecessary. if you got in ED, you really should withdraw applications from all other schools you applied to and give some respect to other applicants who want to and actually can attend. LA 2024. AP Calc AB/BC And you’re incapable of getting a job and paying rent so that you can be there for your kid? Denied: Stanford, University of Texas, Johns Hopkins, Pomona And yes, you just bounced to use your family's money to live in luxury while ignoring the fact that you have a kid on the mainland? @chantillycake1 . Dianne Feinstein appears to be planning to run for U.S. Senate again in 2024, according to documents filed Tuesday with the FEC The Senator will be 91 years old in 2024 News & City interesting list of schools: Accepted: UCLA, UCI w/ Regents, UCR w/ Regents, Carleton, Haverford, UMass Amherst, Whitman, and UH Manoa And also, many recent grads have said that a lot of their learning came the first year or two outside of school. Ideally, you are all these things and more. I’m 10s4life and currently serve as College Confidential’s UCLA Forum Champion and moderate all UCLA related threads. ACT: 33 (one sitting) 33 english, 32 math, 33 reading, 35 science, super score: 34 3000 square foot penthouse in Tribeca, her parents have a 96 acre estate in Connecticut. Or perhaps you're the senior class president and coordinator of a local charity organization. I admit to being a little selfish where parenting was concerned. Accepted as oos! So, me (18M) and "Molly"(17F) have a two year old son, "Augie" together. A $250,000 11th rounder from a high school east of Los Angeles, Amaya is a diminutive infielder with excellent secondary skills. : ). … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Los Angeles 2024 Olympic projected ticket prices, venue map in bid book. Political Science 124 I have worked consistently since I was 15 and did a paid internship in DC. I was already applying to Amherst College. Molly is living with her parents and things have improved between them. Dianne Feinstein appears to be planning to run for U.S. Senate again in 2024, according to documents filed Tuesday with the FEC The Senator will be 91 years old in 2024 … my subreddits. University of California, Los Angeles 80+ hours volunteering at local hospital, additional hours accrued working at the Rock N Roll Marathon and at graduation 4.7 fully weighted Denied: Pomona, WashU. I do college classes for four hours a day and study for three hours at night so I'm not not just surfing and whatever. Rank: 15/650 (Top 5%) Then she was straight out rejected, like what the heck is that. UCLA r/ ucla. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. I heard only 3% acceptance rate. Waitlist: UC San Diego, It depends on what sept you apply fir. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’m curious what false hope UCLA gave you. I was emailed mid March to let me know that I would be accepted on Ivy Day. English 124 So, AITA for quarantining in Hawaii while my kid and his mom as in California? I offered to bring them but she said no. All GPAs are calculated from courses completed in grades 10 and 11.. We were never a couple before or after the sex but we stayed friends. Grossmont Healthcare District Scholarship recipient hi fam, what are the chances i will get off ucla's waitlist for c/o 2024. i'm an out of state molecular cell developmental bio major my stats... jump to content my subreddits ASB Club Officer UC GPA: 4.51 GPA: 4.63 W, 3.9 UW In-state The false hope isn’t really something you can blame them for when they clearly stated it had nothing to do with admission. Lacrosse for 2 years (high school and club) (4 seasons total), Cheerleading for 3 years User account menu. Extremely disappointing to do that to people. S20 admitted my subreddits. they asked me questions about my current projects, why i want to go to ucla + film school, and what are my artistic influences. GPA: Unweighted: 3.83, Weighted: 4.59, UC Capped: 4.57 YTA. Columbia decisions didn’t even come out yet how are you denied? The alumni scholarship clearly stated that it was in no way an indication of possible acceptance to the university. Share this: ... Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) r/UofCalifornia: The University of California subreddit. President @ another STEM club 20 units completed from dual enrollment, 56 total units completed (AP credit included) . You might also be in your high school's jazz band and the starting point guard on the basketball team. The fully weighted GPA includes an extra grade point for all UC-approved honors courses (which include AP, IB, school-based honors and transferable college courses) in which a grade of C or higher is earned. Yale 2024 Applicants Discussion — College Confidential Home/ College Admissions and Search/ Ivy League/ Yale University IMPORTANT NEWS: CC Forums are now in read-only mode as the team is working on the transition to a new, modern forum platform with enhanced features. UW GPA: 4.0 I love visiting. I know my stats are not super amazing considering the average GPA for UCLA was 3.8 last year. AP Scholar with Distinction/Honors, Honor Roll since Freshman year, Cheer MVP all 3 years, Questbridge finalist Historically it had been more close to 2%. Economics 120 To be honest, I started to lose hope since its been 3 months with no words and the majority of the pre-December interviews already went out. National AP Scholar, ++ many awards (all AP score 4’s or 5’s). Thank you though for your assumptions. Am I supposed to stay inside with the curtains drawn all day doing nothing just because she's not here? I think it's mostly because so many people from each class specialize. My parents have always owned a small house on Kauai where they want to retire. The u/UCLA_Admissions community on Reddit. Yes I got the email. Molly told me the other day when I zoomed them that as soon as she couldbshe'd be applying for child support and a custody agreement because she felt like I'd abandoned my kid. SAT: 1530 @user_472982 my interview was like in late february and i got the email for it in mid february. . This will be the official discussion thread for applicants. Here is his stat: Weighted GPA: 4.31 Started community college since 6th grade. I don't think you can come out 100% confident to do every procedure after any dental school, it's up to you to focus on your weaknesses and improve on them because the resources are definitely there. edit subscriptions. my subreddits. Welcome to College Confidential and the 2024 UCLA thread. Chantilly cake is actually one of my favorite desserts to get in Hawaii! EDIT: Oops, didn’t mean to restart a topic from a page ago, didn’t realize I did that. 12.5% overall but eg 2% for film program…. › college confidential ucla 2024 waitlist ... With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, uci college confidential 2024 will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many ... 144 People Used More Courses ›› View Course College Confidential Uc Irvine Class Of 2024 - 12/2020 Free edit subscriptions. Especially because you admitted your parents have ANOTHER property in Malibu you could have stayed at to be with your kid but it didn't have enough furniture?? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. 189 12. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. jump to content. Then just recently she received invitations for 2 other ones, and she got so excited, and completed one of them right away. Waitlisted Or perhaps you're the senior class president and coordinator of a local charity organization. Son is on the waiting list. A place designed for all students, faculty, and staff within the UC system. Live in the mansion and work at McDonald's and buy some furniture! You will be given every resource and opportunity that comes with the highest ranked public university in the nation. Molly's folks were pretty pissed and kept Molly and me apart during her pregnancy but I was there when Augie was born. All GPAs are calculated from courses completed in grades 10 and 11.. Pending: Vassar, Wesleyan, and Emory. Yale 2024 Applicants Discussion — College Confidential Hot Go Bruins! SAT: 700 English, 620 Math (only took once, didn’t like the SAT format) When stay-at-hoem became a reality for California my parents decided to do so in Kauai. +300 hours of community service at a hospital I totally agree, my daughter was invited for the Alumni scholarship and spent several hours on it. Join. Yes my kid got in but even if they had not, I would have been sad, but not upset at the university for things I personally looked up on the internet in forums and held hope in. SAT Chemistry: Let’s not talk about that at all. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-funny-gaming-news -todayilearned-worldnews-pics-movies-videos-aww-explainlikeimfive-Jokes-gifs-TwoXChromosomes-tifu-IAmA-Showerthoughts … SAT Math 2: 800 popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-pics -news-worldnews-funny-tifu-videos-gaming-aww-todayilearned-gifs-Art-explainlikeimfive-movies-Jokes-TwoXChromosomes-mildlyinteresting-LifeProTips-askscience-IAmA … If any false hope was given I would say it would be from random parents all over the internet. The fully weighted GPA includes an extra grade point for all UC-approved honors courses (which include AP, IB, school-based honors and transferable college courses) in which a grade of C or higher is earned. UCLA exclusively invited select students but I haven’t heard when they will be releasing this information. Could not agree more. Our families took a vacation together and me and Molly had sex and it made our son. Accepted: UCSD (Chancellor’s Scholarship), UCI (Honors), SDSU (early admissions/Honors offer), UVA (early admissions/. If I would have guessed where you applied from, I would have said OOS, especially with UMass and UH on your list. H.S. Students have enough stress in the college application process without UCLA compounding it by building up false hope. Get info for freshmen, transfers, international students, first-generation students and more. I’m happy to announce that I was also admitted into UCLA. Organizers of Los Angeles' bid for the 2024 Olympic Games has proposed using existing world-class facilities at USC and UCLA to house athletes and media. We’re less than a year from learning whether Budapest, Paris or Los Angeles will host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Log In Sign Up. I have relatives there, so I was always going to apply. My older brother decided to go with them along with his long-time girlfriend, as did one of our other older brothers and his wife and daughter. It's a responsibility. All other classes were Honors or College (dual enrollment) (aside from PE and Spanish) You will be supported and guided by faculty who are the foremost experts in their field. Class of 2024 Transfer University of California, Los Angeles Here's some more detail regarding UCLA's Data Theory major. Associated Press Feb 3, 2017, 9:20 AM EST. It seems like your child is just kind of an afterthought to you and you just kind of expect her to take care of your kid while you only pop in if it's convenient for you. Find statistics on students who apply to, are admitted to and enroll at UCLA as freshmen and transfers, as well as graduation statistics. Los Angeles, of course, has … I decided to go with them. Useful Resources. Anyone accepted into UCLA nursing major? Hot New Top … Molly was pissed that I'd go a thousand miles away and leave her and Augie behind in Pasadena. Senior Schedule: Tennis Team Molly said it pisses her off that she's doing the parenting stuff with Augie while my Instagram is filled with pics and videos of me surfing and whatnot. Press J to jump to the feed. The UCLA Plastic Surgery Integrated Residency Program PGY1 - Class of 2026 Stats: 6 APs completed with test, 1 didn’t take the test, 1 dropped after half the year (medical reasons); 4’s on all tests I’m also a current UCLA student and work in admissions as an Engineering Ambassador. Whether you're enrolling in our undergraduate program or pursuing a graduate degree, UCLA provides a reach and scope of academic experience that has a reputation for producing world-renowned, highly influential, game-changing graduates. I hope someone relays this to admissions. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) 0 Comments. Rejected: Amherst UCLA - get your act together! She got her hopes up, because according to a video posted by admissions, it is correlated to admission. @Sisternight Learn about applying to UCLA, the personal insight questions and what we look for. At UCLA we're looking for more than straight-A students. A very good job. 189 Views 12 Replies 0 points Most recent by 10s4life September 15 University of California - Los Angeles.

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