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The use of the name in its most comprehensive sense dates only from the expansion of the empire in the 19th century; to the historian who writes of the earlier growth of the empire, Russia means, at most, Russia in Europe, or Muscovy, as it was usually called until the 18th century, from Moscow, its ancient capital. It is a chapter very difficult to write, for while on the one hand an ingenious and speculative historian may refer to the influence of the Crusades almost everything which was thought or done between r too and 1300, a cautious writer who seeks to find Brehier, L'Eglise et l'Orient, p. 347. ", "I receive daily," he writes, "letters from remote parts, from kings, princes, prelates and men of learning, and even from persons of whose existence I was ignorant.". Using a scribe A scribe writes or types the candidate 's answers from dictation. I care even less if your brother writes Saint Among the Sinners or Sinner Among the Saints. On the 2gth of June 1881 the Chamber adopted a Franchise Reform Bill, which increased the electorate from oo,ooo to 2,000,000 by lowering the fiscal qualification from 40 to 19.80 lire in direct taxation, and by extending the suffrage to all persons who had passed through the two lower standards of the elementary schools, and practically to all persons able to read and write. Despite the occasional stylistic infelicity and the overuse of the first person singular, Nettle writes well. He stared at the pen in his hand, making no attempt to write. The word was suggested by the Gr. "You deceived me in saying she was a woman," writes one of her confessors; "she is a bearded man.". Of the Machachi basin, near Quito, which he calls a " zoologist's paradise," Mr Whymper writes (Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator): " Butterflies above, below and around; now here, now there, by many turns and twists displaying the brilliant tessellation of their under-sides... 5, writes: " Immediately on the promulgation of the edict (of Diocletian) a certain man of no mean origin, but highly esteemed for his temporal dignities, as soon as the decree was published against the churches in Nicomedia, stimulated by a divine zeal and excited by an ardent faith, took it as it was openly placed and posted up for public inspection, and tore it to shreds as a most profane and wicked act. Before I left Boston, I was asked to write a sketch of my life for the Youth's Companion. ", By the end of the month Paskevich could write to the Emperor Nicholas: " Hungary lies at the feet of your Imperial Majesty.". Today, I’m going to share some engaging ideas to teach students to write simple sentences with capitals, punctuation, and proper spacing. Eratosthenes was the first to write on mathematical and physical geography; he also first attempted to draw up a chronological table of the Egyptian kings and of the historical events of Greece. Use short sentences like the previous one to add a percussive bite to your writing, which will keep your audience on their toes. In 1691 Louvois's successor, Barbezieux, writes to him about his "prisonnier de vingt ans" (Dauger was first imprisoned in 1669, Mattioli in 1679), and Saint-Mars replies that "nobody has seen him but myself.". jeedrek 1421725 Please don't forget to write the letter. The child wrote down the wrong word and then rubbed it out. ", Ludolf, writes in his preface: "Quamobrem nullum gratius officium Christianae huic nationi a me praestari posse putavi, quam si Psalterium Aethiopicum, quod apud illos non aliter quam in membrana manuscriptum habetur, et taro satis venditur, typis mandari, ejusque plurima exemplaria nomine Societatis Indicae in Habessinia gratis distribui curarem. How are these sentences different? In his boyhood Bertrand was a dull learner, spending his time in open-air sports and exercises, and could never read or write. said Sonya resolutely. He reads well, can do simple math, writes a messy cursive and of course is a delight to his family. Write a sentence using a proper noun. "In all this discourse," says Bishop Sanderson, one of the best of the English writers, "I take it upon me not to write edicts, but to give my advice. Use the following lines or your own sheet of paper to write six sentences that practice each basic sentence pattern. It was with the hope of restoring my self-confidence that she persuaded me to write for the Youth's Companion a brief account of my life. If we assume that V', the volume change on dilution, varies regularly or not appreciably with pressure, we may write the first integral as V' (P o -{- p - p') where V' now denotes its mean value between the limits. In 1589 Ferishta removed to Bijapur, where he spent the remainder of his life under the immediate protection of the shah Ibrahim Adil II., who engaged him to write a history of India. We may, by a well-known theorem, write the result as a coefficient of z w in the expansion of 1 - z n+1. Well, just write him a note and if we don't make it back before he gets home, it shouldn't be too much longer. Sybel did not live to write the account of the war with France, dying at Marburg on the 1st of August 1895. The like holds of Polycarp, who, in explaining that he writes to exhort the Philippians only at their own request, adds, "for neither am I, nor is any other like me, able to follow the wisdom of the blessed and glorious Paul" (iii. 4l m =aeffsle, e rs /° - I u =ae-"' - (a -b)w', (io) w'+ ch nS2 =, sh nS2 = w,, (II) I n which we may write w' =4)+41i. He denies it, and swears thereunto; but he grants that he spoke unto the men. Among its early members Cogers Hall reckoned John Wilkes, one of its first presidents, and Curran, who in 1773 writes to a friend that he spent a couple of hours every night at the Hall. One man proposed a book in which visitors should write their names, as at the White Mountains; but, alas! "May there be born in our lineage," so the Indian Manes are supposed to say, "a man to offer to us, on the thirteenth day of the moon, rice boiled in milk, honey and ghee.". This is the first opportunity I have had to write to you since we came here last Monday. And every stitch, he writes, represents a kind wish for my health and happiness. From that time I have spent the whole of my life within that monastery devoting all my pains to the study of the scriptures; and amid the observance of monastic discipline, and the daily charge of singing in the church, it has ever been my delight to learn or teach or write. After all, one person may be very hurt if he/she writes a love poem while their spouse creates funny wedding vows and the guests are pealing in laughter. A faster writes down his visions and revelations for a whole season. He is instead to write down the new book of prophecies. CM 1021590 She writes to her son from time to time. She darned near did a jig and couldn't wait to write about it—didn't even take time to dream it. He writes about it sensitively, with due modesty and a sensible regard for the precise chronology, the details, the sensations. He has plenty of legends to tell us, and writes altogether in a poetical style, so that his prose seems to fall into rhythm unconsciously. In this sentence, ‘which’ is used because ‘that’ was already used and you cannot write two ‘that’ words in a sentence. A legal advocacy group that writes briefs on behalf of the AARP on issues such as long term care, discrimination on the basis of age, and pensions. He soon became an expert compositor, and after a time began to write anonymously for the Herald. He may have written some of the lives in this collection, and gathered together materials concerning the history of Scotland; but he did not, as some have thought, continue the Scotichronicon, nor did he write the Lives of Scottish Saints. ", (paragraph 7, p. 398, in Lang's Mystery of Mary Stuart, 1901) Mary writes, "I asked why he (Darnley) would pass away in the English ship. (i) The early period; when he was writing and publishing exoteric dialogues, but also tending to write didactic works, and beginning his scientific writings, e.g. His editions of the Catalecta (1575), of Festus (1575), of Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius (1577), are the work of a man who not only writes books of instruction for learners, but is determined himself to discover the real meaning and force of his author. Rein writes: Very remarkable in coiinexion with the starfishes is the occurrence of Asterias rubens on the Japanese coast. Teacher's eyes have been hurting her so that she could not write to any one, and I have been trying to fulfil a promise which I made last summer. It kept you're mind so busy that you're hands didn't get a chance to write. ", " The voivodes," he writes, " of Walachia and Moldavia fawn alternately upon the Turks, the Tatars, the Poles and the Hungarians, that among so many masters their perfidy may remain unpunished.". If we write -fxo f yox s yiu dx dy, we first calculate the raw values coo., ai,o, 0.1,1. What was mistaken for it was fashioned in the heat of controversy by men whose interests were practical rather than scientific, who could not write correct English, and revealed in their reasoning the usual fallacies of the merely practical man' So the " old Political Economy " lies shattered. Itakkama writes thus to the Pharaoh, 5 " Behold, Namyawaza has surrendered all the cities of the king, my lord, to the SA-GAS in the land of Kadesh and in Ubi. In consequence of these and other views, he was denounced from the pulpits, forbidden to lecture or to write (May 10, 16 9 0), and his arrest was ordered. If your sentences do not transition smoothly from one to the next, the effect is a choppy, disconnected writing style which makes your reader’s brain work overtime to fill in the missing parts. The work of Fordun is the earliest attempt to write a continuous history of Scotland. So I write you frankly: call out the militia. _____ He accordingly commenced the study of metallurgy at Marburg; he also began to write poetry, imitating German authors, among whom he is said to have especially admired Gunther. If we measure the osmotic pressure Po when the solvent is under its own vapour pressure only, that is, when P = p = Po, the term involving V vanishes, and the limit of integration P' becomes Pod-p. His attention returning to the lap desk, he picked up the pencil as if ready to write something - and then put it down. The British dossier instead writes " 30,000 to 40,000 " . The suffrage is extended to all citizens over twenty-one years of age who can read and write and have either attained a certain standard of elementary education or are qualified by paying a rent which varies from 6 in communes of 2500 inhabitants to 16 in communes of 15p,ooo inhabitants, or, if peasant farmers, I6s. ); " Malachi " writes under the influence of the earlier Code of Deuteronomy only, 4 and must therefore belong to a date prior to 444. The teacher writes each past participle and each past simple onto separate pieces of paper as they elicit the correct form from the students. But Irenaeus was at most fifteen when thus frequenting Polycarp; writes thirty-five to fifty years later in Lyons, admitting that he noted down nothing at the time; and, since his mistaken description of Papias as " a hearer of John " the Zebedean was certainly reached by mistaking the presbyter for the apostle, his additional words " and a companion of Polycarp " point to this same mistaken identification having also operated in his mind with regard to Polycarp.

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